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Cattle (Beef) Stimulating the innate immune system to protect livestock against disease: Vaccine Trial. Annika Alexander
Cattle (Beef) Increased eye temperature of cattle is associated with reduced glycogen in the M. longissimus thoracis et lumborum following slaughter. Dr Fiona Anderson
Cattle (Beef) An assessment of the effect of body condition score, weight, hip height and age on the incidence of calf loss in 2-year-old Brahman and Tropical Composite heifers in the northern NT Gretel Bailey-Preston
Cattle (Beef) In vitro gas production from rumen fluid of Angus weaner heifers varying in RFI-feedlot EBVs grazing drought affected pasture Hadriana Bansi
Cattle (Beef) Achieving drought resilience in the grazing lands of northern Australia: preparing, responding and recovering Dr Maree Bowen
Cattle (Beef) Exploring calf loss behaviour: what can we learn from wildlife? Anita Chang
Cattle (Beef) Factors affecting fertility in northern Australian beef herds. James Copley
Cattle (Beef) Ovulation Rates in Twinner Heifers before First Mating Dr Leo Cummins
Cattle (Beef) Using plasma inorganic phosphorous to define the phosphorous deficiency in beef cattle across northern Australia Lachlan Godson
Cattle (Beef) Towards area-wide control of buffalo flies Dr Peter James
Cattle (Beef) UPLC-MS/MS analysis of the Pimelea toxin simplexin and its potential degradation products Zhi Hung Loh
Cattle (Beef) Feed intake and live weight gain of Brahman steers fed diets containing cassava in the Northern Territory Dr Kieren McCosker
Cattle (Beef) The economic consequences of prickly acacia (Acacia nilotica subsp. indica) control for a beef business in the northern downs region of Queensland Megan Munchenberg
Cattle (Beef) Steers that excrete less creatinine when fed protein-limiting diets are more feed efficient Dr Brandon Fraser
Cattle (Beef) Using Hereford bulls can improve economic value of steer carcasses from Angus cows Dr Judith Pitchford
Cattle (Beef) Live yeast increased the rate of feed digestion in cattle fed a protein-deficient diet Dr Luis Prada E Silva
Cattle (Beef) Correlation of flight zone with temperament and performance of beef cattle Mariano Parra Munoz, Dr Luis Prada E Silva
Cattle (Beef) Timing and variation of supplement intake by breeding cows in the extensive rangelands of northern Australia Gama Simanungkalit
Cattle (Beef) Re-defining animal unit equivalence for the northern Australian grazing industries Col Paton
Cattle (Beef) Combating Pimelea poisoning with biodegradable biocomposite-based boluses: an investigation into the slow release of toxins in the rumen environment Yue Yuan
Cattle (Dairy) Effect of 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 [25-(OH)D3; calcidiol] during transition and lactation on production, reproduction, and health of lactating dairy cows Dr Helen Golder
Cattle (Dairy) Enteric methane production of low-quality forage-fed dairy cattle with different genetic merit Sineka Hansani Munidasa Juliyange Alias Korale Kankanamge
Cattle (Dairy) Influence of elevated temperature and humidity index on body temperature and eating and lying behaviour of grazing dairy cows. Dr Leah Catherine Marett
Cattle (Dairy) Encapsulated calcium butyrate: A novel feed supplement for optimising pre-weaning growth rate of dairy calves in a pasture-based system Dr John Otto
Cattle (Dairy) Compare Methods to Prepare and Analyze Animal Manure for in vitro Manure Ammonia Emission Study Yumeng Song
Cattle (Dairy) Growth and urinary nitrogen excretion of heifers with diverse genetic merit grazing low quality forage Dr Saranika Talukder
Cattle (Dairy) Optimal strategies to utilise bobby calves for beef production Veronika Vicic
Crops & Pasture Characterising pasture dieback: analysis of the current situation in northern Australia Nicholas Brazier
Crops & Pasture The resurgence of pasture dieback in northern Australia Stuart Buck
Crops & Pasture Feeding value and potential antimethanogenic properties of novel pasture legume species Jordyn House
Crops & Pasture Nitrogen application and post-grazing residual height effect on degraded pasture nutrient yield Mr Md Safiqur Rahaman Shishir
Crops & Pasture Variation of nutritional parameters in the strata of tropical forages Miss Dezin Soe Lwin
Crops & Pasture Pasture Mass Estimation by the C-DAX Pasturemeter and Rising Plate Meter in Northern Victoria Dr Saranika Talukder
Emerging Technologies Development of a low-cost gas sensors to measure methane emissions from grazing cattle Dr Milad Bagheri Shirvan
Emerging Technologies Mobile phones for producer support: development of the drought and supplementary feed calculator apps Geoff Casburn
Emerging Technologies Can a smartphone near-infrared spectroscopy sensor predict days on feed and marbling score? Cassius Coombs
Emerging Technologies Automated feeding of sheep 2: Methane emissions from different levels of feeding Dr Stephanie Muir
Emerging Technologies Activity of ewes before lambing differs depending on lambing difficulty Amellia K Redfearn
Emerging Technologies The evaluation of a computationally simple algorithm for monitoring mounting activity in rams Emmah Tumeth
Fibres (Sheep and other species) Sensing the temperature and humidity inside wool bales Dr Ralph Behrendt
Genetics Repeatability of fibre diameter in purebred and crossbred Merino genotypes Tracie Bird-Gardiner
Genetics Impact of ewe genotype on sire breeding values in genetic evaluation of Merino visual traits Dr Kathryn Egerton-Warburton
Genetics Microwave technology is a potential tool for the genetic selection of carcase composition in lamb Dr Sarita Guy
Meat Science (sheep/beef/goats) Can X-ray fluorescence predict mineral concentrations of ground meat? Cassius Coombs
Meat Science (sheep/beef/goats) Differentiation of grass fed beef products based on production system of origin using Raman spectroscopy Dr Stephanie Fowler
Meat Science (sheep/beef/goats) How Well do pH, Colour, and Shear Force Predict Eating Quality of Beef Evaluated by Untrained Consumers? Adj Professor Ian Lean
Meat Science (sheep/beef/goats) The effect of two years frozen storage at -18 or -12 °C on aged beef quality traits Dr Benjamin W.B. Holman
Meat Science (sheep/beef/goats) Preliminary investigation into the use of Raman Spectroscopy to discriminate between lamb fat depots Bridgette Logan
Meat Science (sheep/beef/goats) Impact of loin versus individual cut intramuscular fat on eating quality prediction of several cuts within the carcass Sonya Moyes
Other Deriving an evidence-based estimate of livestock water productivity in communal rangelands of the north Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. Dr Bukho Gusha
Other Investigating the Necessity of Calf Presence on the Successful Milking of Dromedary Camels. Amanda Walker
Pigs Camel milk exhibits insulinogenic properties in pigs fed a high fat diet Dr Kristy DiGiacomo
Pigs Determining the accuracy and efficacy of hand-held refractometers as a crate-side test for swine colostrum quality and uptake Dr Alyce Swinbourne, Dr Will Van Wettere
Poultry Biochemical evaluation of Delonix regia (Flame of the forest) seed as protein source in broiler chicken diet A/Professor Affiong Joseph Henry
Poultry Novel Bacillus probiotic strains increase the digestibility of wheat by broilers Lynette Hilly
Poultry Organic selenium supplementation improves sperm quality in dexamethasone-stressed breeder roosters A/Professor Amir Karimi
Poultry The effects of different Zinc sources on egg production, characteristics and hatchability in broiler breeder hens Elham Haghvirdilou
Poultry Comparison of the effects of Moringa oleifera leaf meal with probiotic and organic acid feed additives for improved meat quality of broiler chickens Dr Xola Pauline Nduku
Ruminant Nutrition Impact of mineral supplementation on parturition behaviour of ewes Dr Forough Ataollahi
Ruminant Nutrition The impact of different grinders and grinding size on NIR predicted pepsin cellulase DOMD Richard Meyer
Ruminant Nutrition A survey of nitrate levels in failed cereal and canola crops during spring/summer 2019 in NSW Richard Meyer
Ruminant Nutrition Can prediction equations based on fibre and nitrogen assays accurately predict the in vivo digestibility of silages? Kristy Bailes
Ruminant Nutrition Predicting nitrogen intake variations of sheep under heat stress using nitrogen isotopic fractionation Dr Long Cheng
Ruminant Nutrition Estimating visceral mass in a new method to predict body composition of sheep Dr Hutton Oddy
Ruminant Nutrition Selected biochars can reduce methane production in vitro Dr Zoey Durmic
Ruminant Nutrition Effect of a trace mineral injection before joining and lambing on conception rate, marking rate and lamb weights in diverse farms in Victoria Dr Paula A. Gonzalez-Rivas
Ruminant Nutrition Diet and breed affected the ruminal microbiota of White Suffolk and Poll Merino ewes Dr Emma Greenwood
Ruminant Nutrition Comparison of milk yield and milk composition between organic and conventional systems:  a meta-analysis Dr Juan Carlos Angeles Hernandez
Ruminant Nutrition In vitro evaluation of the potential of plant-based anti-methanogenic feed additives and metal ions for rumen fermentation Shoaib Khan
Ruminant Nutrition Evaluation of rumen-protected leucine supplementation in Holstein calves Dr Xinjian Lei
Ruminant Nutrition Steam-flaked corn improves Holstein heifers performance by modulating ruminal bacterial community and rumen metabolites Dr Xinjian Lei, Professor Junhu Yao
Ruminant Nutrition Effects of microbial additives on ruminal dry matter degradability of avocado (Persia Americana) pulp silage Dr Douglas Nkosi
Ruminant Nutrition Enriching for rumen bacteria to degrade the Pimelea plant toxin simplexin, in an anaerobic in vitro fermenter. Diane Ouwerkerk
Sheep Can body composition measurements strengthen the relationship between feed conversion efficiency (FCE) and nitrogen isotopic fractionation in sheep? Dr (Paul) Long Cheng
Sheep Low Q-fever seroprevalence in Western Australian and South Australian ewes Dr Tom Clune
Sheep Are abortigenic parasites an important contributor to reproductive wastage in maiden ewes? Dr Tom Clune
Sheep Water intake behaviour of mixed age ewes in Summer and Autumn in the Manawatu region of New Zealand Dr Paul Kenyon
Sheep Early weaning of twin-reared lambs at eight weeks of age onto lucerne Dr Paul Kenyon
Sheep Sheep behaviour during pre-export phase of live export. Dr Teresa Collins
Sheep Supplementing pregnant Merino ewes with melatonin may improve twin lamb survival Tom Flinn, attendance sponsored by Australian Wool Education Trust
Sheep Age of hogget classification determined by teeth eruption varies between Merino sire groups Dr Serina Hancock
Sheep Maize and methionine supplementation alter milk production of ewes Kayla Kopp, attendance sponsored by Australian Wool Education Trust
Sheep The resurgence of clover disease in sheep: implications for industry and research directions Emeritus Professor Graeme Martin
Sheep Subjective measures of temperament are influenced by sire and are associated with feed efficiency traits in adult merino wethers Rebecca May
Sheep Improving twin lamb survival in Merino lambs by maternal melatonin supplementation in the second half of pregnancy Niki McCarthy, attendance sponsored by Australian Wool Education Trust
Sheep Bacterial populations in the sheep gastrointestinal tract–variation with resistance to helminths Dr Erwin Paz
Sheep Merino Sheep Grazing Preference Among Nine Cultivars of Tall Fescue Kieran Smith
Sheep Grazing lucerne pasture at joining may not alter the sex ratio of lambs Dr Susan Robertson
Sheep Feed intake in merino ewes can be predicted using gas emissions Victoria Scanlan
Sheep Validation of hand-held refractometers for assessing Merino ewe colostrum and colostrum intake in lambs Dr Alyce M Swinbourne
Veterinary / Animal Health (all species) Relationship between face cover and grass seed infestation of the eyes and jaws in Merino weaners Dr Johan Greeff
Veterinary / Animal Health (all species) Investigating Host Biomarkers Associated with Cattle Tick Resistance Emily Mantilla Valdivieso
Veterinary / Animal Health (all species) Epidemiology of Red Gut in lambs grazing Lucerne Charlie Mintz, Dr Colin Trengove
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