Presenter Guidelines | Oral Presentation

Thank you for presenting at the 2021 Australian Association of Animal Sciences Conference!

We want to ensure your presentation runs smoothly, and have put together guidelines and resources to assist with your preparation and participation.

Should you have any queries regarding the information provided or your participation please contact

Importantly, we ask all presenters upload their presentation video by MONDAY 14TH DECEMBER*. 




Ensure your presentation is uploaded no later than 14 DECEMBER.



10 minute Oral Presentations will comprise 8 minutes of presentation plus 2 minutes for live questions and changeover.

15 minute Oral Presentations will comprise 10 minutes of presentation plus 5 minutes for live questions and changeover.

(You will be advised which length your personal presentation is via email).

Oral Presentations will be pre-recorded.

You can record your video using the software you feel most comfortable with. If you have little experience recording videos, we suggest using Zoom, for more information visit the Presenter Toolkit via the link above.

Presentation recordings should not exceed their allocated time.

Presenters are required to upload their presentation as a single MP4 file via DropBox no later than Monday 4 January 2021. This will allow us time to check your file and prepare your presentation for delivery via the online conference portal and at the conference.

If you have any concerns about pre-recording your presentation or providing your file to us by the deadline please contact

*Given the ongoing uncertainty around COVID, all presenters need to provide a recording of their presentation as a contingency.  If you are attending the conference in person, arrangements for you to present live will be made closer to the actual conference.  ALL presenters will participate in a live Q&A, regardless of being remote or face to face.


Record your video using the software you feel most comfortable with.

If you have little experience recording videos, we suggest Zoom.

Keep your presentation recording to your allocated time slot. If you go over time you will be required to edit and re-submit by the deadline.

Recordings need be provided to the Conference Managers in MP4 format. Should your presentation be received in a format other than MP4 you will be asked to resubmit in an MP4 format.

If you have limited online presentation experience or are looking for some tips about how to take your online presence to the next level, we encourage you to take a look at Presenter Toolkit.

Visit the Presenter Toolkit


Recordings must be provided to Conference Design:

  • In MP4 format.
  • As a single file. Multiple files will not be accepted.
  • Submit via the conference Dropbox link.
  • Files to be named: presenter name, presentation type (15 min oral or 10 min oral), presentation title keywords (First. Last_Presentation Type_Keywords).

If making changes, always ensure to upload the latest version. Each upload is stamped with date/time so we will only use the latest version uploaded to the system.

Failure to submit your recording by this deadline will result in your presentation being withdrawn from the program.


Presenters will have access to the online conference portal approximately One Week before the event. We recommend presenters log in early to:

  • Familiarise yourself with the presenter dashboard
  • Check session information including your abstract and biography
  • Upload a photo of yourself
  • Familiarise yourself with the Live Q&A feed
  • View any handouts you may have provided in advance
  • Preview your pre-recorded presentation (if applicable).


In early January we will confirm with you if you are attending face to face or online.  Once this is confirmed we will send you through updated information on your presentation.  If you are attending face to face we will make arrangements for you to present live.  (A video must still be received from all oral presenters)

We recommend presenters log in early on the day of their presentation. This will allow you to:

  • Familiarise yourself with your equipment and make sure everything is in good working order (ie microphone and camera working, plenty of battery if using a laptop, stable internet connection).
  • Review your online or live content (presentation video and handouts if supplied).
  • Familiarise yourself with the Live Q&A feed.
  • Connect with your fellow presenters (if you are co-presenting you will be able to connect with your fellow presenters via the presenter chat).
  • If you have any issues or queries, you can connect with the support team through the Control Room Chat or log a Live Support ticket.

Presenters should be logged in 10 – 15 minutes prior to the commencement of their presentation.

  • Presentations will automatically commence at the nominated start time. There is no need for presenters to start or activate their talk.
  • The main reason for presenters to be online is to participate in live Q&A with audience members.
  • Audience members can type questions into the Live Q&A box at any time.
  • Presenters are able to answer questions via text throughout the presentation, or save responses to the end.
  • Presenters are able to moderate questions – by doing so, the audience will only see answered questions.
  • Audience members and presenters will also be able to participate in a discussion forum throughout the presentation. The discussion forum should be used for general discussion, with questions for presenters asked via the Live Q&A feed.
  • Presentations, Live Q&A and the Discussion Forum will end immediately at the advertised time. There will be a timer counting down to the end of the presentation.
  • Delegates will be able to log back into the presentation to view the recording “on-demand”. Live Q&A and Discussion Forum content will also be available.
  • At the conclusion of the presentation, presenters can go back to the timeline and participate in the conference as usual.

Live support will be available throughout the conference opening hours and will include dedicated IT/AV support.

Should presenters require assistance at the time of the conference they should contact support by:

  • Control Room Chat: this chat feed is easily accessible via your presentation in the online conference portal. Queries will be quickly picked up by the support team
  • Live Support Hub: live support is immediately accessible via the icon at the top of the online conference portal. Users should log their query in the live support chat box and a team members will respond as quickly as possible.


The presentation computers use Windows and PowerPoint.

Prepare any slides using 16:9 presentation aspect (4:3 square aspect will not fill the venue screen).

Embed audio and video content, do not link to external files.

Upload your presentation at a minimum the day before your presentation if possible. Please also bring a backup copy on usb to the conference.  Upload via the Presentation Slides Upload below.

Presentations should be named with the day, session and time of your presentation (Day_Session_Time)

If not able to preload your presentation, please bring it on a usb with you to the conference and upload it with the AV technician well in advance of your presentation (at the latest in the break prior to your session).  The AV technician will be seated at the front of the session room.


Please see Presentation Formats above for length of presentations.  Keep checking the 2021 Provisional Program as it will be updated with the for the day and time of your presentation in the coming weeks.

Go to your session room at least 15 minutes prior to the start time to meet the session chair and AV technician. Familiarise yourself with the room and audio-visual setup.

Sit at the front so you can move to the lectern after the Session Chair introduces you.

If you need assistance, ask your Session Chair. AV Technicians will troubleshoot any technical issues.

Please note that your presentation must not exceed the time allocated. Session Chairs will end your presentation if it runs over time. 

Session Chairs will field questions following your presentation.

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