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An introduction to the Art of Articulating a Message*

Sunday, 31 January 2021

Virtual seminar: 11am – 12.30pm AWST (Australian Western Standard Time) (2pm to 3.30pm AEDT)
Live workshop (no virtual participants): 1pm-5pm AWST The Esplanade, Fremantle

Two customised workshops for students of agricultural and vet science disciplines to optimise stage presentation skills delivered as part of the 2021 AAAS Conference.

Workshop One

A virtual seminar that is simply an introduction to the presentation concepts that are taught in the full workshop and delivered on this day as part of a service to agricultural science students across the country who are unable to join the AAAS event live. We take a top line look at all the elements it takes to be ‘great’ on stage and propose a new way of approaching designing your presentation content so that it is both easier to deliver and easier to understand and recall for the audience.

Workshop Two

This is an action-packed four hours that provides a new way of thinking about what to say and how to say it from a podium. Like the virtual seminar, we open up by looking at all the elements that are required to be great on stage – but then we build on this with a series of exercises and examples so that participants get to taste what it’s like to re-shape their design and delivery. While we don’t turn you into a Ted Speaker in four hours, we most certainly give you the motivation to invest the time and practise it takes to be an awesome speaker and the initial set of tools to start becoming that.

Presenter: Esther Jones spent 15 years specialising in agricultural event management – and over that time was responsible for putting some 1500 plus speakers on a stage across the country, often working with speakers to refine content and delivery to optimise the stage impact. This was often considered the ‘secret ingredient’ that drove the reputation of creative excellence associated with her events, including the likes of LambEx, BeefEx and Australian Dairy Conference.

That career provided a unique and highly practical insight into what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to the art of articulating a message from a podium.  The experience has enabled her presentation training to be absolutely tailored to the ag science sector, allowing students to be coached in both what to say and how to say it – in a manner known to resonate with agricultural audiences.

*These workshops are only open to students who have registered for the conference.  

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