Dr Hayley Norman

Senior Principal Research Scientist


Hayley Norman is an agricultural scientist who is passionate about farming systems that are profitable and environmentally sustainable. After gaining a PhD in the reproductive ecology of annual legumes, Hayley moved to CSIRO to develop sustainable grazing systems for saline land. Hayley’s team utilise expertise in systems modelling, ruminant nutrition, novel methods to quantify diet selection. They utilised the ‘nutritional wisdom’ of sheep to identify and commercialise AnamekaTM saltbush in 2015. Her team are working with industry to develop near-infrared spectroscopy calibrations to predict the nutritional value of a broad range of plants across the Australian feedbase. Hayley’s enjoys working with multidisciplinary teams and conducting research with farmers. She has conducted grazing systems research in Australia, Iraq, Syria, China (Tibet) and Afghanistan and sits on the WA Livestock Research Council and WA Soil and Land Conservation Council.


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